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Tom Carter - Sales Manager, AAP Industrial

We have recently referred several customers to Innovative for lift station base cell problems. On our first inspection at Parish Storage we noticed that one of the lift pipes on a rail system was losing water at the top of the base cell. We gave the owner and manager your name to help fix the situation. We expressed the urgency of only having 1 pump running. We received a call on a Saturday that the lights were going off at the station. We went out to find the lead float bad and replaced. We received another call the following week and saw that when the pumps were running it made a whirlpool in the station. We concluded that the other pump riser was broken. The station was overflowing and they had to close a restaurant on the property.

I called and talked to Innovative on a Thursday morning. He was able to get to the station that morning and had it up and running by noon. Our customer as well as AAP were in awe of the service received. Joshua recognized the emergency and came to the aid of our customer. We are lucky to have Innovative as an ally in this area. The kind of service and flexibility that was shown by Innovative is why you are a leader in your field. We look forward to working with you in the future.

A Job Well Done

Carol - Head Custodian, School Board

Today we had a company work on the septic tanks and left station at Laurel Nokomis School. They were professional and efficient and kept Rick well informed. They cleaned their feet before they entered the building, were courteous and impressed the front office. They checked the classroom before they left. They also cleaned up around the lift station. Please let Innovative Contractors they did a job well done and all were impressed with their professionalism.